Friends of the Welk Homestead

  • Join today and help celebrate the Homestead Act, our Germans from Russia culture, ethnic architecture and the legacy of the Welk family!  Your tax-deductible donation and membership will enhance North Dakota’s newest historic site!

    The Ludwig and Christina (Schwann) Welk Homestead, which was restored by a nonprofit organization in 1990-91 and operated by volunteers through June 30, 2015, became a North Dakota State Historic Site on July 1, 2015, thanks to action by the North Dakota Legislature in 2013.

    Now, in addition to celebrating the legacy of world-famous Champagne Music Maker Lawrence Welk, the site will be interpreted along new lines… as a pioneer farm under the Homestead Act, as a focal point of the Germans from Russia who immigrated to south central North Dakota and as an example of ethnic architecture, including the only sod house (batsa) in the inventory of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

    All contributions go toward the continued development of the historic site.

    Annual Membership and Donor Opportunities
    – Neighbor: $40
    – Homesteader: $160*
    – Farmer: $640**
    – Booster: $1,000**
    – Benefactor: $10,000 and above**

    You can pay online here via PayPal:

    Become a Member

    Or make checks payable to the Friends of the Welk Homestead and send to:
    Friends of the Welk Homestead
    P.O. Box 222
    Strasburg, ND 58573-0222

    *Includes admission for two people to the site.
    **Includes family admission to the site.

  • Our mission is to support the State Historical Society of North Dakota in the fulfillment of the site’s mission.

    Our vision is to become an exemplary historic site that anchors heritage tourism in German Russian country.

    Our goals are to 1) support a rich program of interpretive activities, 2) to encourage robust public recognition and support of the importance of the site, and 3) to enhance the preservation and development of an effective infrastructure of the site.

    To read the full bylaws of the Friends of the Welk Homestead, click here.

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