Sauerkraut Day – Oct. 9, 2013

The annual Sauerkraut Day in Wishek is a big, German-flavored party. A giant crowd gathers every year on the second Wednesday of October for a meal of sauerkraut, wieners and mashed potatoes.
What else is unique about Sauerkraut Day? How about this: the meal is free. Customers are invited to buy $1 raffle tickets, but the lunch itself is free of charge.
“In my book, anytime something’s free, it draws people.”
– LeRoy Wanner.
The meal is furnished by the Wishek Association of Commerce. And the food really is served up by local business people. A host of business owners and other community leaders, including the local school superintendent, were among those dishing out the meal. The Lions Club was also out in full force.
Not only do you get a free meal, but you also get entertainment that adds to the atmosphere. The Wishek High School Band performed polkas and marches. After that, the Wishek choir performed such tunes as “Beer Barrel Polka” and “Du, Du Liegst Mir im Herzen.” Fronting the choir were 10 high school students playing the accordion, nine of them girls.
Date: February 20, 2013