Zeeland Community Hall

Zeeland Community Hall, a $19,000 WPA project completed in 1936 under the supervision of prominent local citizen M. M. Braun. When the building was complete, he organized a two day celebration, 3-4 June 1936, to celebrate, with band concerts, motion pictures, and local stage productions in the hall, a carnival and ball game outside, and various state dignitaries in attendance. State’s Attorney Max Wishek, of Wishek, gave a dedicatory address. Zeeland was only a village at the time, but when it was organized as a city in 1946, Braun was elected its first mayor. The stucco Zeeland hall is of historical interest because of the countless community events that took place there; it is of architectural note, too, with its cupola, its monitor roof, and its charming window details.
Date: February 07, 2013